All electrical modification to your home, large or small, can be done by us without installing permanent fixtures!

Control your daily activities in a simple manner. Demand for home automation is greatly increased by the increasing number of people in home care situations.

With home automation people can independently live and function at home longer. Smart adjustments to the home can increase the comfort and the general atmosphere of home life. Home automation can provide a real difference at home for the elderly and dependent who want to continue living at home!

Welcome to Creaclics!


Creaclics is a new, unique app that brings home automation to a higher level!


CreaClics connects with all of your devices so that everything remains usable within the application!

No drilling or structural changes to your home

The integration of CreaClics does not mean we have to drill or break walls

Tailored to your needs!

CreaClics can be tailored to your wishes and needs!

Possibilities with Creaclics


Do you have more questions or want more information over CreaClics?

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